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    Measurement Based Therapy

    Measurement based care uses data collected from the client throughout treatment as a guide for clinical care. Just as a doctor would measure and track blood pressure in order to diagnose or treat hypertension, therapists use screenings and assessments to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

    Advantages of Measurement Based Therapy:

    • Improves the quality and precision of care
    • Objectively tracks progress
    • Improves accuracy of diagnosis
    • Boosts engagement in therapy
    • Accelerates symptom improvement

    Moments of Clarity utilizes Blueprint Health, a free, confidential and HIPAA compliant app, to digitally gather and track outcome measures. Through the use of Blueprint, clients can document moods, behaviors, and activities in order to improve understanding and communication of symptoms. Additionally, clients can stay connected through daily checkins and assigned activities that can be completed anywhere. There are many features available through Blueprint, and each client is able to choose the options that are most beneficial for their treatment.

    Key Features of Blueprint

    • Assessments – complete clinical assessments assigned to you by your clinical to help measure treatment response and symptom severity over time.
    • Worksheets – Access and complete homework exercises and therapeutic worksheets directly from the app.
    • Check-ins – Share real-time information with your clinician about things like mood, energy level, sleep quality, social connectedness and more.
    • Journaling – Capture notes about how you’ve been feeling so you have an objective log to share in your next appointment.
    • Reminders – Set personal reminders to complete assignments that fit your lifestyle and ensure you keep connected with your clinician.
    • Monitoring – Track symptoms, lifestyle metrics and data from your wearables over time to understand trends and identify sudden changes in your mental health.
    • Safety Net – Connect with crisis resources in the moment as needed. This information is shared with your clinician to incorporate into treatment planning.