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    Stress and Burnout

    We all experience stress. Every day. It is our response to an external situation or event. A stressor activates the fight-or-flight response, and our mind and body go in to action. These sensations and reactions are normal and manageable at low levels. Stress becomes problematic when it is experienced too frequently or intensely.

    Common effects of stress include:

    • Fatigue
    • Anxiety
    • Restlessness
    • Stomach upset
    • Lack of motivation or focus
    • Feeling overwhelmed
    • Irritability and anger
    • Social withdrawal
    • Sadness or depression
    • Drug or alcohol misuse

    For many professionals, prolonged stress can lead to burnout.

    Signs of burnout include:

    • Emotional exhaustion
    • Cynicism
    • Feelings of reduced professional ability
    • Alienation from work related activities
    • Physical symptoms (headache, stomachache, etc.)
    • Reduced performance

    Whether you are experiencing stress or burnout, therapy can be helpful.

    Some of the benefits of therapy for stress and/or burnout include:

    • Learning how to difficult thoughts and feelings effectively
    • Troubleshooting and overcoming self-destructive habits
    • Increasing your sense of confidence and competence
    • Improving your attention so you can focus on what matters most to you
    • Learning to say “no” to requests or obligations that cause you stress and don’t align with your personal goals and values

    If you feel you are suffering from prolonged stress or burnout, contact Moments of Clarity today.